Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dahi Puri Chaat

This is a real delicacy I just discovered - The amazing thing about it is that it is a really entertaining snack or light food. It is really fun to eat. Why?

  • It crunchy outside, tender inside and liquid too
  • It is spicy, sweet, salty
  • It is cold inside, wam outside
  • Usually it is served on a plate containing 5-6 servings, and each serving is supposed to be eaten in one gulp. This is not so easy as it is big and juicy
So when you eat it, the puri breaks in your mouth and then you start feeling all these different tastes explode one after another, the hot and the cold, the crunch and the soft. It really makes for a fun eating experience.
I think Dahi Puri is the Indian answer to a fusion Panko Crusted Fried Avocado Maki Sushi with Wasabi Crème Fraiche :)

Here's a picture with the Puri bread formed as a shell - This is the toughest one to eat.

Puri Chaat

Here's a picture of the version in which the puri is crumbled - Delicious -

Puri Chaat

Sometimes I am wondering why European food is so blend and unsurprising. Are European spice impaired? I mean compare this to a steak or burger, what a difference !!


Amit said...

where do you recommend eating it?
where's the recipe?
where can I hide from the avocado panco?

MbayeSmadja said...

These two I had at a small restaurant in Bangalore. I assume most high quality Indian restaurant would have that. Where do you leave?

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